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About Me!

Alex K. Masse is a writer, musician, visual artist, and LGBT/neurodivergency activist, often through those artistic mediums.
This website acts as an archive of her work and a means of contact, even just to say hi.

All content you see here belongs to Alex unless otherwise stated, including the photographs.


Alex is best reached through either their email ([email protected]) or instagram (@itsfairything).
Feel free to reach out with any queries, be that collaboration or just to say hello.

Alex is an accomplished writer, with awards and publications on both the local and international scale. She's done everything from poetry to articles, from personal essays to fantasy novels.

Alongside accolades from the Scholastic Writing Awards and publications in various local outlets, Alex has been a Staff Writer on their school paper, The Peak, and is currently writing a web novel, FREAKSPOTTERS, which is free to read on Tapas! A novel taking place in the same universe was also featured in #TeenPit 2018, a youth author mentorship program. Alex has also brought their written work to the stage at a number of festivals, most recently the IGNITE! Youth Festival.

International Scholastic Writing Awards: Two Gold Keys (Poetry and Fantasy) (2018)
International Scholastic Writing Awards: Silver Key (Overall transcript) (2018)
#TeenPit: Semi-Finalist (2018)


Care Collective Zine (2021)
The Lyre (2021)
WMN Zine (2021)
The Peak (various articles) (2020-2021)
FORM Storybook (2021)
Gateway Theatre (2021)
Cotyledon Poetry Collection (2021)
Flaming Balloon Press (2020)
Train River Publishing: Summer 2020 Poetry Anthology (2020)
Polar Expressions (2018)
Vancouver is Awesome (2018)


IGNITE! Youth Festival (2021)
Paprika Festival (2021)
Fringe Festival x Alley Theatre's Judith Fair (2020)
Vines Art Festival (2020)
IGNITE! Digital Showcase x Frank Theatre's Telling it Bent program (2020)
UBC Slam Poetry Instagram Showcase (2020)
Silouan Hainsworth's Delicacy & Defiance (2019)


Infectious Love: Writer (Webseries, 2020)


Additionally, Alex has begun a journey in playwriting, which is being pursued through local mentorship. Alex is an alumnus of the following programs:
LEAP Playwriting Cohort Level 1Telling it Bent, Poetry and PlaywritingGateway Theatre, Creating in New Spaces~

Alex is an accomplished producer, composer, lyricist, songwriter, singer, instrumentalist, and general musical performer.

"Lost Lunar Levels" is Alex's second EP, a collection of instrumental tunes created as a spiritual successor to their first release, "A Year, Moonbound."

"A Year, Moonbound" has received radio play on both CJSF and KVRX.

Alex creates music under the name FAIRYTHING, and is always open to commissions and collaborations; it's good for the soul. Their music varies from instrumental electronic compositions to dreamy, reflective bedroom pop.
Alex also does music for the Averno franchise, an indie multimedia movement of young creatives associated with Broadway Records and recently featured in the New York Times. On this team, Alex is a producer, sound designer, performer, and composer. Below is "Cults and Mysteries," one of her first tracks for the Averno universe. Another Averno track, "Creation and Destruction," was recently featured in a Pride Month playlist curated by Music BC.
Other major collaborators include Ambynt, Mark Hollow, Leauxend, and more in the works.

Besides this, Alex has been a flutist for 8 years. This has taken her plenty of places, including but not limited to:
The UBC Apple FestivalThe Canadian Anaheim Music FestivalVarious pop-up coffee shops across the Lower Mainland, accompanied by the occasional labor choirChurches, inexplicablyCuba, somehow?
It's been an adventure, one destined to continue.

When it comes to Alex's songwriting journey, her reflective, poetic lyrics are often accompanied by her faithful QChord, lovingly named "Tecna," (yes, after the Winx Club chracter) a sample of which can be found below.
Alex recently brought this charming vintage synth to the Fringe Festival's Judith Fair Variety Night, being the musician between every act.

Additionally, Alex loves to mix their writing and music together. Below is "Pretty (Colour and Key)", a mix of dreamy instrumentals and introspective lyrics about Alex's experiences with gender.

Alex is also an eager photographer, with experience in event photography as well as some personal work.
In 2018, she played "paparazzi" to MINTAGE, a local vintage clothing chain that was celebrating the opening of its second store.
While those photos are currently inaccessible, one of her more recent projects, "VIOLET WANDERINGS," is here on display. A couple shots of the set were also recently published in Soul Talk Magazine!

In general, she's fond of how slightly altering her lens can completely change one's perception of things. Here's another example of that.

They also enjoy the intentionally vague.

Similarly enjoyable themes are nature, familiarity, and joy, whether that comes from admiring plants that'd broken concrete or from being in the center of a moshpit.

In 2020, Alex had the honour of working with local theatre company The Only Animal in Arts of Resistance, a protest art workshop for youth. While the COVID-19 pandemic meant extremely limited resources, Alex persevered and saw the film through. Below is "CONTRAST," the finished product, a commentary on the climate crisis.
Alex created the backing track, all visuals, and the costumes.
In 2021, almost a full year after its completion, "CONTRAST" was featured in WITHIN TENSIONS, a not-for-profit digital arts magazine.

"The Gift of Spacetime" is a short film featuring a poem and some musical accompaniment. It was created by Alex Masse as part of the Vines Emerging Artists program.
Don’t let the format fool you: at its core, “Spacetime” is a poem, simply a poem with musical and visual aids in getting its message across.
This piece is meant to be an oasis: a place to reflect and relax and be reassured that better things are around the corner.

"Writerly Activities 101" was put together for FORM FAIR, a fundraiser slash festival all about sharing art and art education. Alex was chosen personally to talk about the habits that make them such a productive and successful creative in the written word.
FORM FAIR was put on by ArtByFORM, an online creative collective and charity group, best known for their "All Nighter" 24-hour production competitions, the most recent of which received a shoutout by musician Porter Robinson.

In the Fall of 2019, Alex was fortunate enough to be involved in a collaboration between Kwantlen Polytechnic University's Visual Media Workshop and the nonprofit group Voices of Muslim Women.
The collaboration, DigitaLENS, is a Digital Storytelling program that runs twice a year and brings together women who have a story to tell.
Here's the Digital Story she made about neurodivergency. As part of the challenge, it was all put together in about a week.

Recently, Alex has taken on design. She's attended multiple workshops for UI/UX, and is hoping to further pursue Design through a minor in university. Despite being new to the practice, they've proven to be a quick learner.
She is familiar with Figma, Canva, Over, as well as some Adobe software, and she's always eager to learn more! Below is some of her work. Click to view the images in their full size!

This year, Alex recently took an extracurricular course in UI/UX, ton on top of their preexisting courseload. Here, Alex made "StimGarden," an app design meant to evoke stim toys and fidget objects.

Alex also spent this spring on the Graphics Team of QSpeak, an LGBT youth outreach organization. Below is some of that work.

Alex also does promotional graphics for her school's Poetry Club, as seen below.

And this is from a 3-person SFU UI/UX Collaborative Figma Workshop! Again, click to view the full-sized images.

Due to personal life circumstances, commissions are not officially open, but requests are taken on a case-by-case basis.
I'm also open to collaborations! :)

Some of the services I provide:
Prose and poetryCritiques/reviews of prose and poetryGuest articles on your website/publication/etcPromotional graphicsOriginal songs/additions to songsFlute/Qchord coversSoundfont remixes8-bit remixes

If you're intrigued, feel free to reach out. Things are very informal right now, but if anyone's interested I'm willing to discuss pricing and the like.




IGNITE! Youth Festival (Performer) (2021)

Paprika Festival (Performer) (2021)

Fringe Festival (Performer) (2020)

Vines Art Festival (Filmmaker) (2020)

IGNITE! Youth Festival (Performer) (2020)

Delicacy & Defiance (Model and Performer) (2019)

DigitaLENS Film Festival (Filmmaker) (2019)

UBC Apple Festival (Performer) (2018)

Mintage (Photographer) (2018)


Alex Masse is a writer of fiction, poetry, and articles. Her words have been everywhere from the Vancouver Fringe Festival, to the Scholastic Writing Awards Gold Keys, to #TeenPit 2018, to Vancouver is Awesome. She's also a neurodivergent lesbian, which greatly affects her work. When not writing, she's daydreaming about her stories.
Alex Masse is a performer, songwriter, and producer. She's been gigging since 2013, everything from folk, to jazz, to musical poetry. Alex is on the Averno Music Team, of New York Times Acclaim. Her self-released EP, "A Year, Moonbound," broke top 10 at CJSF radio. She is proficient in flute, QChord, and FL Studio.
Alex Masse is a predominantly self-taught designer with experience in Figma, some Adobe products, and freeware such as Canva and Over. Alex is a graphic designer for her school's Poetry Club, making graphics for meets and contests. Alex also takes every opportunity to learn more, attending an SFU UI/UX workshop back in the fall.
Alex Masse is a self-taught filmmaker. Inspired by stumbling onto film sets all her life due to living in Vancouver, Alex's short films have been featured at Vines Art Festival and as products of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Digital Storytelling Program and the Art of Resistance mentorship program by the Only Animal Theatre.
Alex Masse is a poet who's taken the scene by storm, performing at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, Vines Art Festival, and IGNITE Youth Festival, alongside holding a Scholastic Writing Awards Gold Key. She's a neurodivergent lesbian, which greatly affects her work. When not writing, she's making music, and vice versa.
Alex Masse is an emerging playwright who's taken the scene by storm. So far, they've released works with Gateway Theatre and The Arts Club. Alex also has some experience in musical theatre, creating tracks for the Averno franchise, of New York Times acclaim.